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Fresh Finds | Orlando, Florida

Fresh Finds | Orlando, Florida

Happy October! October is definitely my favorite month by FAR. I’ve spent this month doing all the quintessential (some might say basic) fall acitivites, like going to a pumpkin patch and having spooky movie nights. Another favorite fall activity of mine is exploing new places and towns! When the weather is nice (rare in FL, but it HAPPENS!), there’s nothing better than strolling around an unknown city and letting the day take you away.

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to explore downtown Orlando. As many times as I’ve been to Orlando in my life (and it’s ALOT), I’ve never actually explored any of the areas outside of the theme parks. BIG MISTAKE. We found the most charming neighborhoods just east and north of downtown!


We started our day by getting tacos at Gringos Locos, which was recommended to me by a friend! OMG. The tacos were AMAZING! We both got the Double D’s (that is the taco name lol), which were seriously out of this world.

Right next door, there was a vintage boutique called Etoile Boutique, which had really cool vintage clothes and records! While there, we found a flyer for all the vintage shops and record stores in town. WE. WERE. IN. HEAVEN.


After lunch and driving around town, we stopped at Buttermilk Bakery for a coffee and brownie! While there, we took FULL advantage of the cute, plant-filled patio.


After coffee, we stopped by a few more vintage shops and record stores! I found the most perfect pair of vintage Calvins from a boutique called Horizons Vintage (literally to die for).

We had such an amazing day exploring these quaint neighborhoods, that we’ll be sure to come back for more than just the theme parks next time!

MIA + also MIA

MIA + also MIA