14 May, 2017

May | Here Comes the Sun

It’s not gonna be May, it is May! The start to summer and warm weather is now among us. It’s been a lengthy, gloomy winter in Chicago and the sun is finally breaking through those dense clouds. The change of seasons always inspires a change of clothes, listens, and scenery. See what I’m vibing to below!


Summer fashion still isn’t quite here; it’s still all about transitional pieces. For instance, the first thought of getting ready for any day is “how can I dress for both 75 degrees and then 50 degrees all in one day?” and “is it appropriate to wear a turtleneck if it’s technically spring?” The answer to the first question is “just wing it and hope for the best” and to the second is “absolutely, yes (or at least I think so)”. I’ve been wearing my lightweight turtlenecks a few times a week, the Tissue Turtleneck from J. Crew being my favorite for this time of year. My Old Skool Vans have also been in constant rotation (like any millennial right now).

Aside from turtlenecks and Vans, my favorite piece for spring are the AG Phoebe jeans (pictured below). They’re a vintage inspired high-rise straight jean in a medium wash with some distressing. Not only are they wildly flattering, they are ridiculously comfortable. I was lucky enough to snag my pair on sale at Anthropologie for $80, but they typically run at about $200.

Coming up for summer, I’m fully embracing the gingham trend and vintage Levi’s. Stay tuned for a post about how I cut, redesign, and distress my thrift store Levi’s!


My music taste has been rather pop-inspired lately. I’m a sucker for that song Still Got Time by Zayn feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR (definitely a guilty pleasure), but have really been playing There’s a Honey by a new band called Pale Waves on repeat for months. Check out some of my favorite tunes of S/S 2017 below!


Some of my favorite things to do in Chicago are finding new coffee shops and brunch spots to spend a relaxing Sunday at. Yes, I know! I’m a basic girl, but I believe that a great latte and yummy omelette can cure many of life’s problems.

The best coffee shop I’ve visited in Chicago has been Heritage Outpost. With multiple locations around the city, each shop creates a cozy, trendy aesthetic. Bicycles seem to be a recurring theme, with one location actually being a bicycle/coffee shop.

Now the best brunch stop is definitely a hard one to choose! There are many of places where I’ve had an amazing meal, but I think hands down the most interesting and delicious has been the 3 Arts CafĂ© inside of Restoration Hardware. Set in the historical arts club building turned home store, the ambience is hard to beat.

Until next time!
-- je. york