07 January, 2017

January | Hello 2017!

To start off 2017, I’d like to share what’s driving me this month. What’s on my mind, what’s playing in my ears, and what’s inspiring me.

I strongly feel like creative influence can come from a plethora of different sources. Mine in particular come from 1) music and 2) season. As a Chicagoan, I’m no stranger to the cold. Negative temperatures and North Face parkas become part of the daily routine. Often times, winter can be looked at as a lazy time in fashion. Cool takes a backseat to comfort, but to me winter is the most inspiring time of the year. There’s room to take risks, layer pieces for a unique look, and in my case wear Chelsea boots like no ones business. I love my dear Chelsea boots.


One of my favorite brands this month is ALLSAINTS. I just die over each and every piece they create. The design team does a great job of making the looks androgynous, which gives a quite effortless je ne sais quoi. For Christmas, one of my gifts was the Higgens Biker Leather Jacket. Link below.

If you were looking to splurge, this would be the place to do it. If you’re looking for a more inexpensive option, I highly recommend BLANKNYC jackets. You can find them at Nordstrom for under $100. I have the one linked below, and it’s one of my favorite jackets.


When it comes to music, I’m the person who listens to one song and then proceeds to add the whole album to my playlist. Needless to say, this leads to overwhelmingly large playlists. My 2016 playlist was over 1,600 songs with 104 hours of music. Therefore, I have to make a sort of subplaylist to what I’m actually vibing at the moment. The whole month of December, I was really into rap/R&B. I was listening to the albums of Bryson Tiller, J. Cole, and 6LACK. After returning to Chicago from my Florida holiday, I’ve mostly reverted back to my moody, indie ways. Although I must say, The Weeknd’s new album has been the soundtrack to my morning routine. So catchy, so invigorating. I made a little wintry 2017 playlist, check it out below!

Until next time! 
-- je. york